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Dreamers is being developed on a powerful next generation 3D engine powered by the "Reality Engine" by Artificial Studios. Some of its features include:

Rendering Technology

  • Built with DirectX 9.0 from ground-up to take full advantage of cutting edge technology developments, while fully scalable to DirectX7/8 generation hardware.
  • Per-Pixel Lighting and shading with support for PS3.0, PS2.X, PS2.0 and PS1.1. Shading includes dynamic projection mapping, normal mapping, Phong specularity, per-pixel reflection mapping, refractions, virtual displacement (parallax) mapping, animated textures, mix/detail shaders, fabric, anisotropic scattering, water, and other configurable pixel & vertex shaders.
  • Precomputed Radiance Transfer (aka "Realtime Radiosity") support, allowing for Real-Time Subsurface Scattering and Soft Shadowing.
  • Unified dynamic world lighting and shadowing, including day/night cycles. Heavily optimized for maximum performance in huge, complex scenes.
  • Hierarchical Per-pixel Occlusion Culling. No more portals, zones, vis-gen waiting times, or manual occluders! Occlusion is fully automatic, fast, and accurate to the pixel.
  • High-Dynamic Range Rendering Using Floating-Point buffers, allowing for Tone Mapping, Exposure Adaption, and Blue Shift, for camera/eye perceptual rendering.
  • Image Post-Processing (stackable) including Depth of Field, Night Vision, Motion Blur, Light Blooms, Volumetric Lighting, and non-photorealistic rendering.

Open-ended world structure places no limits on environmental design, with full artist-driven and procedural Level-Of-Detail support.


  • Advanced high-performance physics engine for efficient constraint resolution of thousands of rigid bodies, supporting multi-primitive, arbitrary joint linkages, stacking, breakage, and particle physics.
  • Ragdoll character animation, allowing you to mix physics with animations for dynamic effects such as character damage.
  • Integrated physics editing inside of Reality Builder, supporting creation of optimized collision primitives for models and skeletal animated meshes; constraint editing; and interactive physics simulation and tweaking in-editor.
  • Fully integrated support for physics-based vehicles, including player control, AI, and networking.

Character Technology

  • Character Normal Mapping & Spherical Harmonics, with skeleton-based, multi-weighted-bone vertex shader animation.
  • Characters can contain any number of arbitrary pixel & vertex shaders on multiple materials

Export tools for 3D Studio Max, Maya for bringing weighted meshes, skeletons, and animation sequences into the engine.



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