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Dreamers is a game about a young man in his 20's, Jorge, who suffers from a bizarre form of narcolepsy. Characterized by sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep, narcolepsy is a disorder that is also sometimes accompanied by paralysis and hallucinations. Usually the attacks are brief and do not exceed the length of 5-10 minutes but can occur at anytime and anywhere.

While experiencing these common symptoms of narcolepsy for years now, the dreams during these deep sleep attacks have started to become a big concern to him lately. They have been getting harder and harder to wake up from and somehow they appear to have a purpose now, some sort of a conclusion he has to reach in order to wake up.

After staying asleep for four days during his last sleep attack he realised the danger involved in him staying asleep long enough and sought for help, afraid of his life. Doctors were unsuccessful and those who insisted on more testing, seemed only interested in discovering a new form of his condition.

Alone and afraid, Jorge awaits his next deep sleep attack prepared to face what his dreams will bring, hoping to find a way back before its too late and perhaps some clues as to why his condition has taken such a bizarre turn to the worse. Does the answer he seeks reside within his dreams and nightmares, his lifelong fears or his ill-fated past?

Dreamers is an action/adventure game developed for the next gen consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) and PC's based on an immense screenplay that
will take players through a journey they've never undertaken before, featuring:

  • Stunning high-detailed environments using the latest graphic techniques
  • Dream levels based on real-life dreams experienced by real-life people!
  • Next Generation Graphics Engine based on the "Reality Engine"
  • Addictive Gameplay spanning from first person adventure to third person action.

With an unforgettable cast of characters, beautiful storyline, cutting edge visuals and featuring a unique playing experience where player's own personal fears become part of the game, Dreamers is aiming to become an experience you will want to have over and over again! Become one of the Dreamers!



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